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Educational Leadership, Administration, & Policy Programs

Prepares future administrators, supervisors, principals, superintendents and other leaders in public and non-public schools and church settings. Also develops educators and trainers for other settings such as business, industry, government, hospitals, museums and libraries.

Prepares students for leadership responsibilities and positions such as principal, supervisor, department chair, assistant principal, etc..
Graduates are prepared for positions as school building leaders, such as principal, supervisor, department chair, assistant principal, etc..

Prepares students for students looking to develop their knowledge and skills for a leadership role in education on many levels.
Builds skills for Catholic education leadership: spirituality; high creativity and imagination; and exceptionally global in thought and action.

Advances opportunities in higher education and K-12 careers. Ed.D. is often required executive leadership level positions in higher education.
Designed for current school leaders working for the NYC DOE. Students take the program of study together as a group. The cohorts range in size from 8 – 12 students.

Enables students to work in leadership positions in New York at the school district level in leadership positions.
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