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Research Core

Through the perspective of multiple paradigms and the use of multiple methodologies, research teams of university faculty and CLAIR students will test and generate hypotheses, generate new knowledge, hypotheses, and solve real world problems of practice. The research sequence includes six classes with two classes taken each year. Classes are sequential and are designed to build both knowledge and skills.

Research Core Courses

All 3-credit research classes are co-taught by two CLAIR faculty who espouse varying theoretical perspectives and methodological expertise.

Year One
Year Two
Year Three
Foundations of Interdisciplinary Research II (CLGE6142)

This course focuses on how to assess the effectiveness of educational service delivery systems, both in schools and other human service settings.
Program Assessment & Evaluation I

Students design individual and collaborative studies: pose questions, and collect, analyze and interprete data from quantitative and qualitative views.
Advanced Seminar in Interdisciplinary Research I (CLGE7190 )

This team-taught seminar will build the skills of research apprentices through conducting interdisciplinary, ethnographic, field and empirical research..
Foundations of Interdisciplinary Research II (CLGE6142)

Students will draw on the professional literature in psychology, anthropology, linguistics, and education to understand diverse research traditions.
Program Assessment & Evaluation II (CLGE7152)

During this interdisciplinary experience, students will conduct a research study for a school or district that they would like evaluated.
Advanced Seminar in Interdisciplinary Research II (CLGE7192)

Students will explore classroom/authentic artifacts, community building, concept development and verbal protocol analysis, and development as a learner/researcher.

Research Modules

One credit five-week modules will also be offered throughout the program. All students must take three one-credit modules. Availability of modules will be based on the needs of students and their research topics. We expect to be able to offer a wide range of modules over a three year period such as the following:

General Methods Lab
  • Research Writing Lab (required)
  • Research Technology Lab
Qualitative Modules
  • Ethnography
  • Case Study
  • Historical Discourse Analysis
Quantitative Modules
  • Multi-level Modeling
  • Multivariate Design
  • Structural Equation Modeling
Mixed Method Modules
  • Survey Design
Content Modules
  • Mobile Apps for School

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