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* Denotes Dual Certification program

Early Childhood Education, Childhood, and Special Education

Adolescence Education
Grades 7-12
Subject Area
Students receive an M.S.T. and subject-area certification, grades 7-12 Exceptional Adolescents
Students receive an MST and certification to teach special education in grades 7-12 in any of the following ways:

General and Exceptional Adolescents*

Dual certification program leading to certification as Classroom Teacher, Adolescents - Grades 7-12, in a specific subject area and as Students with Disabilities 7-12 Generalist with an extension in a specific subject area. Exceptional Adolescents with Subject Area Extension
Prepares teachers to be the teacher of record for a special class in a specific subject area. In addition, candidates will also be qualified for support roles in special education such as consultant teacher, resource room service providers, and integrated co-teachers in all subject areas.
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Advanced Programs: For Additional Certification
Masters Degrees
No Teaching Certification Required or Earned

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