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Teaching Programs

Multi-Lingual Education

The Multilingual Education programs emphasize the acquisition and development of English and additional languages to value and expand the linguistic repertoire of all students. The programs implement a dual focus on promoting best practices that build the academic linguistic and content knowledge base of students in grades K through 12 and the lifespan.

In keeping with the mission of the Graduate School of Education and the Division of Curriculum and Teaching, the Multilingual Education programs implement a reflective practitioner stance, valuing educational models that promote teachers as researchers.

Multlilingual Education at Fordham is committed to academic excellence, concern for the individual in multicultural, multilingual schools, and to lifelong learning. The programs' theoretical framework encompasses behavioral, cognitive, socio-linguistic, socio-cultural, and critical perspectives on language learning and development.

The programs in multilingual education are coordinated through the Office of Multilingual Education (OME).

Degree Programs

*For those not interested in K-12 certification and those with F-1 status visas

Certificate Programs

For those holding an initial, provisional, permanent, or professional certificate

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