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The Office of Field-based Education and Accountability

Curriculum and Teaching Division

Office of Field-Based Education and Accountability


Dr. Anthony Elia, Director

Melanie Fairfax, Senior Secretary


The goal of the Office of Field-Based Education and Accountability (OFEA) is to provide sites for student teachers that will foster an appreciation for teaching and learning and will help nurture student teachers as they pursue their teaching careers.

Sites are chosen based on shared values that all children can learn and where there is a commitment to intellectual endeavors, multiculturalism, fairness and social justice. Student teachers who are exposed to this school environment with a Fordham education have the tools needed to be leaders in their field and to create a brighter future for all children.

To this end, Fordham student teachers are encouraged to become scientist practitioners who reflect on their work through research and experimentation so that each student and the community will benefit. Fordham faculty model for student teachers the importance of being lifelong learners who are committed to technology and the advancement of learning.

Program Advisors

Program advisors recommend to OFEA candidates for student teaching. OFEA then works with program advisors to arrange for student teacher orientation prior to the beginning of student teaching. At the orientation, student teachers are introduced to faculty and OFEA staff. Student teachers will receive their site assignments and an overview of the student teaching program. Student teacher handbooks and the Graduate School of Education’s conceptual framework will be distributed and discussed. In addition, student teachers receive letters of introduction to the sites and forms necessary for student teaching, i.e., time sheets and site survey forms.


Student teachers follow the school day and calendar of the site, not the Fordham calendar. Student teachers fill out a time sheet on a monthly basis and at the end of each month return the filled-out time sheet to OFEA, room 1103 at Lincoln Center.

Time sheets are maintained by OFEA. Also, all other records pertaining to student teaching are maintained by OFEA. Evaluations by field specialists and cooperating teachers are maintained by student teachers’ advisors.

Student Teaching in New York City

Those candidates who are student teaching in New York City must be registered with the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE). OFEA arranges the registration. Student teachers assigned to New York City public schools are required by the NYCDOE to be fingerprinted prior to beginning their assignments. OFEA arranges with the NYCDOE for fingerprinting to take place at the Lincoln Center campus during the summer prior to student teaching. The fee for fingerprinting is $115.00. Once fingerprinted by the NYCDOE, students may apply to have their record sent to the New York State Education Department (NYSED) for certification by filling out and sending an OSPRA 104. If a candidate was fingerprinted by New York State, the candidate does not have to be fingerprinted again but must fill out an OSPRA 103 and go to the NYCDOE at 65 Court St. with a photo ID (e.g., driver’s license or passport) and the completed OSPRA 103.

OFEA sets up training sessions for Drug/Alcohol Abuse (EDGE 0220) required for all student teachers and Physical Education (EDGE 0250) required for all childhood (grades 1-6) student teachers. Records for these training sessions are maintained by OFEA.


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