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Fordham University Center for Educational Partnerships
Joseph McShane Fordham UniversityThe Center for Educational Partnerships is a great step forward for the Graduate School of Education, which is and always has been a service school and a partner school. This is what Fordham is about, teaching teachers and helping them set hearts on fire in their students, so that a greater city and a greater nation can be built.

Joseph M. McShane, S.J.,
President of Fordham

The Center for Educational Partnerships at the Fordham Graduate School of Education is, first and foremost, a group of scholars and practitioners who are committed to applying cutting-edge research. The center is dedicated to applying that research in the service of K-12 teachers, administrators, students, and parents, as well as to education and government agencies, so as to enable all children to achieve and succeed academically.

Anita Batista Fordham UniversityUnder the direction of Anita Vazquez Batisti, Ph.D., Associate Deanfor Partnerships, the center has grown rapidly, forging partnerships with the New York City schools and the New York State Department of Education. Indeed, the center has a myriad of major grant projects that total millions of dollars and a staff and principal investigators of over a dozen people. A particular focus of the center’s projects is urban education with the goal of bringingcritical resources and expertise to bear on services to those student populations most at-risk of academic failure.

Associate Dean Anita Batisti Talks Universal Pre-K
Anita Batisti is spearheading a research-based pilot program focusing on early childhood literacy. Read more from Inside Fordham.

Dr. Anita Vazquez Batisti
Associate Dean and Center's Director
Phone: 212-636-7009


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