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English Language Learners (ELL)

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English Language Learner Coaching Program

Fordham University provides professional development for ELL Teachers, Coordinators of Bilingual Programs, Content Area Teachers, and administrators in grades K-12 through a series of professional development sessions. Fordham’s ELL Institutes and workshops provide administrators and teachers with the most effective teaching strategies, so that they in turn, can provide coherent, rigorous ELL programs. All professional development is researched based, field-tested and aligned with Federal, State and City guidelines.

The Common CORE State Standards are the foundation and benchmark for all students. We provide differentiated support for teachers of mathematics, literacy and content areas as well as bilingual, ESL and foreign language teachers. Expertise in dual language programs, transitional bilingual classes and ESL classes is available. We also support teachers in self-contained ESL programs.

The institute sessions focus on:
  • Academic Language and Vocabulary Development
  • Teaching of Language Arts to ELLs
  • Testing as a Genre in all content areas
  • Math Teaching Strategies
All sessions will include:
  • Case studies of individual students at varied grade levels
  • Analysis of each of the assessments
  • Academic language in the content areas
  • Language skills of ELLs at different proficiency levels
  • Data driven instructions
  • Differentiated instruction

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