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Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM)

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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Coaching Program

Fordham UniversityCoaching and workshops in STEM will expose educators to research-based, validated strategies for the routine integration of science, mathematics, technology and other subjects in their classrooms.

Teachers will be immersed in a broad range of best practices, thereby increasing their ability to provide standards-driven, content rich classroom instruction.

They will: 
  • understand and successfully convey to students the major concepts, theories, laws and inter-relationships governing science;
  • understand and successfully convey to students important personal [i.e., everyday] and technical applications of science;
  • interpret research and using this information, demonstrate the ability to successfully design, conduct, report and evaluate scientific investigations in collaboration with students; and use mathematics to process and report scientific data;
  • Understand the nature of technology;
  • Explore the relationship of technology and society;
  • Build abilities for a technological world

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