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Getting to the CORE: Mathematics Instruction for ELLs Summer Institute

presented on June 27, 2013

Download Presentation (PDF):

During this presentation participants will be able to make connections among the various math strands of the CCLS in supporting English language learners. The emphasis of the presentation will be on problem solving skills and strategies with the Model Drawing Approach which will take the learners from the concrete to the abstract. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore the number sense foundation while utilizing appropriate math terminology for the purpose of developing mathematical abilities.


Erik Latoni As a second language learner he is Bilingual and Bi-literate in both English and Spanish and has committed his educational career to closing the achievement gap through research founded, brain-based instruction. Erik has taught math from Primary grades to Middle School. His experience includes that of a Bilingual Educator, Master Teacher, Math Mentor, and Math Resource Teacher to the largest K-6 Elementary School District in California, Academy Director, and five years of success as a Principal. He has worked as a "CORE Mathematics" trainer for the state of California.

Institute Flyer (PDF)

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