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On April 5, 2013, New York State Office of Bilingual Education & Foreign Language Studies NYS/NYC Regional Bilingual Education Resource Network at Fordham University NYS Language Bilingual Education Resource Network at New York University presented

The NYC Teacher Institute

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Common Core Learning Standards: Instructional Strategies & Equity for English Learners

How can teachers - ESL, bilingual & mainstream – scaffold &differentiate classroom instruction to support English learners' equal access and opportunity to the CCLS knowledge and skills needed to achieve in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and literacy in science, history/ social studies, and technical subjects?

How can teachers use the CCLS to support English learners' progressive academic language development? How can teachers work together to get this work done?

Featured Speaker

Virginia Rojas, ASCD consultant
Virginia Rojas is a well known author and education consultant for ASCD. She has traveled extensively conducting training and workshops in the education of English language learners. Her presentations are focused on providing high-challenge, high-support classroom learning experiences. She has used a genre-based curriculum framework that combines content expectations and language expectations. The presentation will address scaffolding instruction within the CCLS, planning multiple paths for accessing and differentiating framework, organizing formative assessment tasks as evidence of standard attainment and language proficiency expectations. She will also address instructional supports for long-term and newcomer English learning populations.


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