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Our Services

The Fordham PSO provides technical assistance and support to school leaders in order to help schools progress toward exceptional education. Services include:
  • Helping to establish a school inquiry team.
  • Using data to develop targeted interventions for students.
  • Customizing a plan for using school resources to increase achievement.
  • Helping to interpret data and provide training on NYCDOE accountability data systems.
  • Providing guidance when selecting professional development resources appropriate to enhance instruction.
  • Helping to identify CBOs and other agencies to assist the school with direct services, such as tutoring, social work, etc..
  • Assisting in problem-solving and decision-making throughout the school year.
  • Acting as a channel through which NYCDOE information is communicated and to serve as an advocate for pressing school needs.

The Benefits

By partnering with the Fordham PSO, your school will also have access to services and resources that are unique to collaborating with an institution of higher education with a rich history in the New York City area and a portfolio of services offer. The 25 NYC schools the Fordham PSO currently supports have already taken advantage of numerous special opportunities:
  • Consulting from Fordham faculty with deep knowledge and expertise in pedagogy and practice in classrooms and school settings.
  • Access to the Center for Educational Partnerships, directed by Assoc. Dean Anita Vazquez Batisti and the various programs directed by the center.
  • Free or reduced fees to institutes and conferences sponsored by Fordham’s Graduate School of Education.
  • Access to the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses to conduct campus tours for students.
  • College Financial Aid workshops for schools, students, and parents conducted by Fordham staff.
  • Access to other Fordham Graduate Centers that specialize in such areas as ELLs/Bilingual Education and Special Education.

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