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Assessment Procedures & Fees

  • Call The Centers for information and an intake coordinator will assist you. The Director or the Assistant Director will determine the best approach to address the referral.
  • If services can be rendered at The Centers, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment.  A confirmation letter will be sent at this time.
  • First session includes the initial consultation and intake interview.
  • Second and third sessions include the formal psychoeducational assessment.
  • Conference includes a discussion of results and recommendations. A comprehensive psychoeducational report will be provided.
$1750 - Comprehensive Psychoeducational Evaluation
This fee includes intake interview, all testing, conference, written report, and consultation with other professionals.

$750 - Psychoeducational Consultation
This fee includes consultation with parents and/or other professionals regarding academic difficulties, educational placement decisions, and other school related issues. If testing services are deemed warranted, this fee is included in the comprehensive evaluation.
For the Early Childhood Center, this fee includes consultation with parents and other professionals regarding developmental concerns, pre-academic difficulties, educational placement decisions, and other early childhood issues.
* Please note that we do not accept insurance.

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