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Borrowing Test Materials

Students are welcome to view test materials and other resources (e.g. books) at The Centers. The information below outlines some guidelines for borrowing materials from our Test Library:
  • Materials are issued by The Centers staff only during office hours (9:30 AM-4:30 PM, Mon-Fri). Please note: While we aim to help all students have access to test materials, students should not expect to take out materials after hours.
  • All tests are issued for a period of one week, but there are times when a two-day or even an overnight lending period only is possible. Materials must be returned within this period unless prior arrangements have been made. Additionally, if there is only one copy of a test, it must remain at The Centers and cannot be taken out under any circumstances. There are rooms available at The Centers for you to view the material.
  • All overdue materials will be recalled via telephone or email. Individuals who do not return materials on time may be subject to late fees ($5.00 for every day late) and may lose rights to borrow materials in the future.
  • Under no circumstances should materials be loaned to another person while it is on loan to you. Each student is responsible and liable for the materials that are borrowed.
  • Check that all materials are complete before you take out the test kit. If there are any materials missing from a kit please let one of the Graduate Assistants know immediately.
  • When returning the tests, please ensure that you have carefully checked the contentsof each test kit. Please take care to return the test complete and organized for immediate use by another student.
  • The student is liable for payment of any material or test component not returned or that is damaged while on loan to him/her.
  • Do not make notes or marks of any kind on the test materials as these will interfere with the integrity of the test and may mislead other test users.

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