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Rosa A. Hagin Consultation and Early Childhood Centers Fordham UniversityIn recent years there has been accumulating evidence that early intervention services have many positive effects on children’s development. Despite the beneficial effects of these services, many parents of young children have difficulty locating agencies to provide these services. As a result, this Center was established by Vincent C. Alfonso, Ph.D., to be a multi-service community center for parents and young children. The Centers specializes in the assessment and diagnosis of a variety of early childhood educational disorders including, but not limited to, mental retardation, autism, and developmental disabilities.

Services Provided

  • Screening or assessment of cognitive, achievement, behavioral, personality, and/or neuropsychological functioning
  • Written report to client and/or parents
  • Identification of possible qualification for extended time on standardized tests (SAT, GRE, LSAT, or GMAT)
  • Consultation with clients, parents, teachers, tutors, and other professionals

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