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Centers & Institutes

Advanced Placement Summer Institute
AP Institutes are taught by experienced teachers of AP and are endorsed by the College Board, summer institutes are for teachers of Advanced Placement high school courses

The Bernard L. Schwartz Center for Media, Public Policy & Education

This institutute is devoted to studying America’s embattled newsgathering traditions and investigating solutions for their survival.

The Center for Catholic School Leadership & Faith-Based Education

The Center is a national pioneer and leader in the research, education and service of the sacred mission of Catholic Schools

The Center for Educational Partnership

Adhering to the basic principles of applied research, the Center’s mission is to provide services and assistance to teachers, administrators, students, and parents, as well as to education and government agencies designed to enable all children to achieve and succeed. The Center's initiatives include:

Center for Learning in Unsupervised Environments (CLUE)

CLUE participants engage in applied educational psychology research to produce practical knowledge toward optimizing unsupervised learning (including homework), and to extend theories of learning, memory, and comprehension.

Fordham Digital Literacies Collaborative

The Collaborative brings together teachers who are interested in developing their own digital literacy in an effort to improve literacy instruction in K-12 schools

Human Resiliency

Working with Reclaiming the Sky, the institute conducts research and offers training to help aviation workers cope with pressures from congestion, delays and high security

The Rosa A. Hagin School Consultation Center & Early Childhood Center

This training facilities is for graduate students who are enrolled in the School Psychology, Educational Psychology, and Counseling Programs

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