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Summer 2013 Institute

Addressing School Readiness Gaps In Urban Settings Using An Early Intervening Approach

Director: Dr. Chun Zhang
Phone: 212-636-7543 | E-mail:

Resources: Summer Institute Schedule:
  • July 8
  • Bilingualism, Culture and Immigration: Research to practice for early learning and early grades

    Inside the NYC Dual Language Classroom

    Putting our Good Intentions to Work: Classroom Strategies that Work for Dual Language Learners with or At-Risk for Disabilities
  • July 9
    Identifying and preventing early learning difficulties and capturing and using intentional effective teaching strategies

    High Quality Inclusion: Evidence-based Practices that Promote Access, Participation, and Supports
  • July 10
    Facilitating family and child transitions into and out of ECSE

    The Earlier, The Better

    The Montessori Approach: Helpful Strategies for the Inclusive Preschool Classroom
  • July 11
    Access and Advocacy: Examining Cultural Intersections of Disability and Race and It's Impact on Meaningful Parent Involvement

    Successful Collaboration with Parents

    What to do on Mondays, DIR a passion based curriculum
  • July 16
    Handwriting Without Tears (TM) Workshop

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