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Computer Science

July 21-25

Instructor: Frances P. Trees

This institute focuses on the Java language features included in the AP* Computer Science A curriculum and those topics listed in the current AP* Computer Science A topic outline.

Starting in 2014-15, the GridWorld case study will be replaced by a required, hands-on structured lab component consisting of three new AP Computer Science A labs.

The new labs are shorter in length than GridWorld, and each focuses on a specific content area. This should help teachers more easily incorporate the content into their classroom teaching and improve learning experiences for students.

The three new AP CS Labs will be included in this workshop. Many great tools and techniques for teaching computer science will be discussed and demonstrated.

Although this institute will include an intensive review of the content in an AP* Computer Science A course, some basic knowledge of Java is assumed.

Resources and textbooks will be available for teachers to review. Information and strategies on what to do before and after AP* will be discussed.

About the Instructor

Fran Trees is the Director of Undergraduate Introductory Education, Computer Science Department, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. She currently teaches an introductory CS course and oversees CS curriculum for non-majors at Rutgers.

Fran has served as exam leader and question leader for the AP S A/AB Exam since 1985. She is a former AP* CS A/AB Test Development Committee member and has served on many ad hoc CS committees for the College Board.

Fran has been a College Board AP* CS consultant and workshop leader since 1985 and is the primary author of Teacher's Guide for Advanced Placement* Computer Science (C++) and Computing Concepts with Java Essentials, Advanced Placement* Computer Science Guide; and recipient of AP* Recognition Award, Tandy Outstanding Teacher Award, and Siemens Award for Contributions to the AP*.

Fran is currently a member of the Development Committee for the new AP* CS Principles course to be launched in the 2016-17 academic year.

*College Board®, AP*, Advanced Placement Program* and Pre-AP* are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.

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