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Environmental Science

July 7-11

Instructor: Myra Morgan

By engaging in inquiry-based activities, data collection, and analysis, participants will actively practice environmental science in the lab and field throughout this APSI.

Because this interdisciplinary workshop incorporates elements from biology, chemistry, geology, and natural resource management, the laboratory component will focus on connecting these areas thru developing lab skills and appropriate quantitative analysis.

Our field/lab work will concentrate on first-hand studies of water quality, biodiversity and invasive species, toxicology, climate change, productivity, soil science, and experimental design.

Group discussions will address the challenges of effective pacing, assessment, and encouraging active student engagement.

The latest APES exam will be discussed, as well as the creation of effective essays which challenge students to integrate and connect course topics.

Since lab work will involve extensive data collection/analysis, participants will need to bring a calculator, graph paper, colored pencils, and lab notebook, their 2014/15 school calendar, and current APES text.

In addition to the daily lab work, participants will develop or refine (whichever is appropriate) a weekly pacing guide/syllabus specific to their school’s schedule and calendar.

Finally, all participants should bring a favorite ecological/environmental laboratory to share with other participants.

This summer institute is designed for both new and experienced AP Environmental Science instructors who will be teaching the APES course in the Fall 2014.

About the Instructor

Myra brings over 25 years experience teaching AP* Environmental Science, AP* Biology, and oceanography field research courses as well as serving as Chair of Sciences at Miss Porter’s School (CT), The Ethel Walker School (CT), and the Sage Hill School (CA).

Myra is currently the Assistant Director of Science Services for Massachusetts' National Math & Science Initiative, actively mentoring new AP teachers, with particular focus on improving AP student success in urban and under-performing educational environments.

She has also worked in research for the EPA and collaborated with U Conn’s Undersea Research Center, the Bermuda Biological Station, and was honored with a teaching Fellowship at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland.

She has provided AP Summer Institutes in Environmental Science throughout the country, and has served as an AP Reader for the College Board in both Biology and Environmental Science.

Myra has also been honored for her contributions in science teaching with a College Board AP Recognition Award and by the NABT, with Connecticut’s Outstanding Biology Teacher Award.

In 2012, Pearson Publishers released their AP Environmental Science Test Prep Series authored by Myra, and she is currently in preparation of the revised APES Test Prep Series to accompany Environment: The Science Behind the Stories, 5th edition, by Jay Withgott and Matthew Laposata, to be released in early 2014.

*College Board®, AP*, Advanced Placement Program* and Pre-AP* are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.

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