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European History

July 21-25

Instructor: Alice D. Grant

This institute is designed to provide both beginning and experienced participants with an overview of the content knowledge and intellectual skills required for success in college level European history, which covers the period from the Later Middle Ages to the present.

The instructor will focus on the organization of units of instruction to address the political, economic and social themes of the course the selection of appropriate college level materials—text as well as primary and secondary source readings and other ancillary resources―for use in developing these units and instructional strategies to help students develop their critical thinking and analytical writing skills.

Strategies for improving student performance on the types of assessments used on the AP* European history exam—document-based and free response essays, as well as multiple choice questions―will be emphasized.

In addition to considering instructor-generated materials, opportunities will be provided for sharing of best practice by the participants.

About the Instructor

Alice Grant Fordham University Alice Grant was the chair of the social studies department (6-12) at Pelham Memorial High School in Pelham, N.Y.

In addition to being a member of the NYSED Committee that designed the United States History and Government assessment, Alice co-authored the Connections Column for United States History and Government in the NYSED Social Studies Resource Guide.

A consultant to the College Board in AP* United States and European History and Pre AP* Social Studies instruction, Alice has taught graduate level courses for AP* history teachers and methods courses for pre-service teachers and has presented numerous workshops on pre AP*, AP*, and Regents teaching strategies throughout the region.

Honored by both the Westchester and New York State Councils for Social Studies with the Distinguished Social Studies Educator Award, she is also a charter member of the New York State Academy of Teaching and Learning.

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