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French Language

July 14-18

Instructor: Elsie Augustave

This workshop will explore the challenges of the AP* French Language and Culture and will examine students’ performance and scores.

Participants will engage in developing lesson plans and examinations based on the 6 themes, the 3 modes of communication and the integration of the four skills.

The workshop grade will be determined by the quality of class participation and projects.

About the Instructor

Elsie Augustave is a graduate of Middlebury College and Howard University. She has been teaching at Stuyvesant High School for over two decades.

A College Board consultant since 1996, she was a member of the Test Development Committee and is now a Table Leader at the AP* reading.

Augustave is the co-author of L’Enfant noir- Study Guide for French Literature and is the author of The Roving Tree, a novel that was published in 2013.

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