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Physics 1 and 2: Algebra-based

July 21-25

Instructor: Jesús Hernandez

In this workshop, participants will strengthen their understanding of the content of AP Physics 1 and 2 curricula and familiarize themselves with teaching techniques that have been designed to increase student understanding through inquiry lab practices and problem solving.

Topics will include AP Physics 1 and 2 course descriptions, content coverage and focuses, pacing and organizational strategies, and hands-on labs that meet the college-level requirement.

In addition, this workshop will focus in the incoming AP Physics I and II course syllabi audit process, AP Physics test development, and exam grading practices.

Throughout the week, sample test questions from past exams will be used with content reviews and compare them with the style sample questions designed for the incoming tests.

Participants are expected to take an active role in the institute including discussing teaching strategies, presenting AP labs and demos, solving problems from the free-response section of previously administered AP Physics B exams and from samples of new tests, and setting up rubrics for grading their own work on these free-response questions according to the AP reading processes.

About the Instructor

Jesús Hernandez has taught physics at Lawrence High School in Massachusetts and at The Manhattan Center for Science and Math HS in New York during the last fourteen years.

He is a member of the AP*-Physics C Test Development Committee and an AP* Physics consultant since 2004. He has been an AP* physics reader for seven years.

Mr. Hernandez recently authored one of the Course Planning and Pacing Guides for AP Physics 2. The document is available in the College Board AP Physics site.

Mr. Hernandez has been trained to facilitate Pre AP* Science and the Creating a Learner Centered Classroom workshops. He also has been coaching new AP* Consultants and AP* physics teachers.

Mr. Hernandez was an advisory board member of the Physics for the 21st Century program produced by the Science Media Group at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

He was a Finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science teaching in 2005 and he was selected as the 2011 MIT Inspirational Teacher Award.

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