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July 14-18

Instructor: Chris Olsen

This institute will provide an overview of the AP* Statistics course, including an analysis of the course content and discussion of the instructional emphasis.

Participants will use activities that help students construct knowledge in the four major areas that can be adopted for immediate use with students:
  • Exploring Data―observing patterns and departures from patterns;
  • Planning a Study―deciding what and how to measure;
  • Anticipating Patterns―producing models using probability; and
  • Statistical Inference―investigations.
The use of videos, projects and laboratories will be discussed, as well as available resources―books, websites, calculators, software and multimedia packages―to enhance teaching and learning.

An analysis of the scoring standards of the AP* exam will include applications of grading rubrics to free response questions. The graphing calculator used for demonstrations will be the TI 84.

About the Instructor

Chris Olsen Fordham UniversityChris Olsen was a teacher of AP* Calculus for 19 years and AP* Statistics for nine years at George Washington High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

He was twice a member of the AP* Statistics Test Development Committee, question leader and table leader for AP* Statistics.

Currently, he is an Educational Testing Service (ETS) consultant for AP* Statistics nationwide, AP* Statistics Community moderator, and is teaching statistics and experimental design at Grinnell College.

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