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World History

July 21-25

Instructor: Mel Maskin

Our goal: to help teachers successfully navigate this highly interesting but challenging course.

This workshop is designed to help both the beginner and experienced teacher successfully navigate the themes, key concepts, and skill-building requirements of the new AP* World history course framework.

A cooperative learning environment is encouraged wherein the practical is privileged over the theoretical. Instructional ideas and strategies are shared and many useful classroom-tested materials distributed.

Participants are offered opportunities to create and then share responses to AP* World-style free-response questions.

Attention is also paid to the development of syllabi that meet the curricular requirements of the course audit.

About the Instructor

Mel Maskin Fordham UniversityMel Maskin is a former AP* U.S. history and AP* World history teacher at the Bronx High School of Science. He is a consultant for the College Board in both U.S. and World histories.

He has received numerous student-nominated outstanding teacher awards and has taught at Teachers' College and in the History department of Lehman College.

He conducts AP* World one-day workshops for the Middle States office of the College Board.

*College Board®, AP*, Advanced Placement Program* and Pre-AP* are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.

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