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Bilingual Special Education: Bringing Together Evidenced-Based Practices and School Implementation Efforts

Fordham University's Institute on Bilingual Special Education will give master's and doctoral students, in-service teachers, school psychologists, and counselors the opportunity to interact with recognized bilingual education scholars.

Attendees will learn about the dynamic and complex process of bilingual special education, including topics like instruction, assessment, academic achievement, ability, culture, language, people, and learning.

The Institute will examine the following questions:
  • What is bilingual special education? Why is it vital today?
  • What should teachers know about teaching English learners with disabilities?
  • How can teachers use the native language of students to foster learning in bilingual special education students?
  • What instructional strategies might teachers utilize in the bilingual special education class?
  • How can teachers, students, parents, and school communities work together to promote bilingual special education?
  • How can teachers use Response to Intervention to develop and integrate curriculum plans effectively in bilingual special education?

Director: Dr. Diane Rodriguez
Lincoln Center Campus
113 West 60th Street
New York, NY 10023

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