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Including Exceptional Students (CTGE5154)

This course will introduce concepts, skills, and assistive technologies that enable teachers to include students with exceptionalities in regular classes. Emphasis will be on students with mild disabilities; in addition, we will learn about students with the full range of disabilities and special health care needs, along with the kinds of provisions often made for them in an Individualized Education Program (IEP). The course focuses on three interconnected strands: the effect of disabilities on learning and behavior, skills to identify student strengths and areas of need in order to individualize instruction, and collaboration with others to prepare students to their highest levels of academic achievement and independence within inclusion settings. Students are encouraged to create ideal inclusion models. CRN: 10489

Instructing the Bilingual Special Education Student (CTGE6781)

The course presents a general overview of multiple perspectives in teaching the bilingual/limited English proficient students with special needs: instructional models, individualized instruction, the role of English in teaching, literacy development in both languages, and content-area teaching. CRN: 10558

Teaching Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Adolescents (CTGE5305)

This course highlights instructional approaches and strategies for teachers of adolescents to promote oral and written English language development in culturally and linguistically diverse students. Emphasis is on creating an integrated classroom where the experiences, capacities, interests, and linguistic and cultural needs of adolescent English-language learners are addressed. The course will examine language acquisition and development, as well as the impact of heritage and culture on the progress of English-language learners. CRN: 10552 and 10553

Teaching Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Childhood Students (CTGE5247)

Theory and practical approaches and strategies to make content relevant and understandable to students in mainstream classrooms who may lack English language proficiency, experience, and background. CRN: 10504 and 10551

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