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Fordham University's Graduate School of Education offers several higher learning and community-based centers and institutes.

Human Resiliency Institute
The Human Resiliency Institute at Fordham University conducts research and offers training to help aviation workers cope with pressures from congestion, delays and high security. Operating out of Fordham's Graduate School of Education, the Institute expands upon work initiated by Reclaiming the Sky, a non-profit organization that supported workers' resiliency after 9/11, including the Edge4Vets program with the Graduate School of Social Service and the Fordham Veterans Initiative.

Psychological Services Institute
The Psychological Services Institute (PSI) at Fordham University is an accredited, non-profit mental health training center for mental health professionals.

Summer Institutes

Advanced Placement Summer Institute
The Graduate School of Education at Fordham University offers summer institutes for teachers of Advanced Placement High School courses at its Lincoln Center Campus. All institutes are taught by experienced teachers of AP and are endorsed by the College Board. Institutes may be taken for three graduate credits.

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