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Administration, Faculty, and Staff Directory

Name Room Phone E-mail
Adams, Michelle Room 207
33 W. 60th St.
212.636.7737 miadams Admissions/ Marketing, Media
Baker, William Room 1121B 212.636.7650 wibaker University Professor
Baruch, Abby 2536 Hughes Avenue 718.817.0606 abaruch RBERN
Batisti, Anita Room 1108 212.636.7009 abatisti Associate Dean Partnerships/Ctr Ed
Bisberg, Marilyn Room 1103B 212.636.6449 bisberg C&T
Blumberg, Fran Room 1012B 212.636.6484 blumberg PES
Bolgatz, Jane Room 1003D 212.636.6473 bolgatz C&T
Bondie, Rhonda Room 1103B 212.636.6772 rbondie C&T
Bowen, Alicia Room 207
33 W. 60th St.
abowen Admissions
Brause, Rita Room 1121A 212.636.6410
brause Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Brobst, Karen Room 1016B 212.636.6429 brobst PES
Brown, Carolyn Room 1119H 212.636.6438 cbrown39 ELAP
Caballero, Diana Room 1102B 212.636.7546 dcaballero C&T
Cancelli, Anthony Room 1012A 212.636.6479 cancelli PES
Candelario, Zulma Level C
557 E. Fordham Rd.
718.817.3407 zcandelario CEP/PSO
Cardona-Berardinelli, Elsie 2536 Hughes Avenue 718.817.0606 ecardona3 RBERN
Casey, Elizabeth Room 1012E 212.636.6469 elcasey PES/ Office of Field-Based Ed & Acct
Cashin, Kathleen Room 1102C 212.636.6456 kcashin ELAP
Cattaro, Gerald Room 1024C 212.636.6420 cattaro ELAP Chair/ Catholic School Leadership
Caycedo, Alejandro Room 834
1 Fordham Plaza
718.741.2894 acaycedo PSO
Chen, Eric Room 1012C 212.636.6474 echen PES
Cho, Su-Je Room 1003F 212.636.6444 scho C&T
Ciaramella, Ann Marie Room 1121 212.636.6406 aciaramella Dean's Office
Colmenares, Teresa Room 1120E 212.636.7649 colmenares Office of Assessment
Colon, Aileen 2536 Hughes Avenue 718.817.0606 acolon21 RBERN
Cooper, Bruce Room 1119C 212.636.6441 bcooper ELAP
Craven, John Room 1025A 212.636.7670 jcraven C&T
Danaher, Deirdre Level C
557 E. Fordham Rd.
718.741.2824 ddanaher PSO
D'Onofrio, Amelio Rm. 835
33 W. 60th Street
212.636.6434 amdonofrio PES
Ding, Yi Room 1012F 212.636.6743 yding4 PES
Elia, Anthony Room 1103A 212.636.6491 elia C&T/Office of Field-Based Ed & Acct
Esquivel, Giselle Room 1008F 212.636.6467 giesquivel PES
Fairfax, Melanie Room 1103 212.636.7748 mfairfax C&T
Garcia, Eva 2536 Hughes Avenue 718.817.0996 evgarcia CEP
Garcia, Lillian Level C
557 E. Fordham Rd.
718-817-3407 aligarcia CEP
Garcia, Lissette Room 1102 212.636.6450 lgarcia C&T
George, Marshall Room 1102A 212.636.7176 mageorge C&T Chair
Graham, Robert Room 1114A, LC
Room 236,
400 Westchester Ave, WS
212.636.6426, LC
914.367.3232, WS
rgraham3 C&T/ Coordinator of Adolescent Education
Harris, Abigail Room 1008G 212.636.6466 harris PES
Hennessy, James Room 1121C 212.636.6408 hennessy Dean of GSE
Hickey, Catherine Room 1024B 646.293.3960 chickey1 CSAA
Horisk, Linda Room 207
33 W. 60th St.
212.636.6401 horisk Asst Dean of Enrollment Services
Houtz, John Room 1008I 212.636.6465 jhoutz PES
Howitt, Diane Rm. 234
400 Westchester Ave.
914.367.3012 howitt LI/W BETLA
Huber, Lynn Room 1102F 212.636.6437 lhuber C&T
Hurtig, Eric Room 1121B 212.636.7650 hurtig The Bernard L. Schwartz Center
Jackson, Margo Room 1008K 212.636.6463 mjackson PES Chair
Kaminsky, Stanley Room 1119A 212.636.6437 kaminsky ELAP/ Office of Field-Based Ed & Acct
Kang, Angelica Room 1121 646.293.3947 akang Dean's Office
Keitel, Merle Room 1016A 212.636.6468 mkeitel PES
Kelly-Stiles, Patricia Room 1024D 212.636.7936 kellystiles Catholic School Leadership & Faith-Based Ed
Kimber-Armstrong, Ria Room G10
400 Westchester Ave.
914.367.3012 rkimberarmstrong LI/W BETLA
Kiraly, Zsuzsanna 8th Fl
33 W. 60th Street
212.636.6485 zkiraly The Centers/PES
Kosovskaya, Nataliya Room 1008 212.636.6477 kosovskaya PES
Kotelawala, Usha Room 1120B 212.636.6428 kotelawala C&T
Lackman, Abraham Room 1120F-1 646.293.3965 alackman Dean's Office
Laracuenta, Melissa Room 1008J 212.636.6911 mlaracuenta PES
Lee, John W. Room 1119D 212.636.6424 ajolee ELAP
Marcus, Sheldon Room 1119F, LC
Room 305
400 WestchesterAve, WS
212.636.6432 marcus ELAP
Martinez, Sara 2536 Hughes Avenue 347.242.2088 smartinez37 RBERN
Masson, Tami Room 1120C 212.636.6411 masson Assistant Dean for Admin Services
McCray, Carlos Room 1119G 212.636.7727 cmccray2 ELAP
Michel, Nanette Room 207
33 W. 60th Street
amichel Admissions
Milnes, Kelly Room 207
33 W. 60th Street
212.636.6558 kmilnes Web Coordinator
Moliterno, Arlene Room 1003A, LC
Room 235
400 Westchester Ave., WS
212.636.7786 amoliterno C&T
Negron, Linda Room 1119 212.636.6430 lnegron ELAP
Ness-Hill, Molly Room 1003E 212.636.7669 mness C&T
Nevarez-LaTorre, Aida Room 1102D 212.636.6475 nevarezlator C&T
Padilla, Diana Level C
557 E. Fordham Rd.
718.817.3407 fordhampso PSO
Park-Taylor, Jennie Room 1008H 212.636.7299 parktaylor PES
Pogue, Delores Room 1103D 212.636.7542 dpogue C&T
Ponterotto, Joseph Room 1016D 212.636.6480 ponterotto PES
Porzio, Joseph Level C
557 E. Fordham Rd.
718.817.0732 porzio PSO
Pryor, Christine Room 1120 212.636.7816 pryor C&T
Rabinowitz, Mitchell Room 1012D 212.636.6462 mrabinowitz PES
Rambarran, Natasha Room 1008 212.636.6460 rambarran PES
Ramunni, Louis Level C
557 E. Fordham Rd.
718.817.3557 ramunni PSO
Riese, Francesca Room 207
33 W. 60th Street
212.636.6682 fsinatra Admissions
Rodriguez, Diane Room 1003G 212.636.7070 drodriguez11 C&T
Salavert, Roser 2536 Hughes Avenue 718.817.0606 rsalavert RBERN
Salazar, Sarai 2536 Hughes Avenue 718.817.0606 nycrbern RBERN
Shea-Bischoff, Patricia Room 1103F
Room 237,
400 Westchester Ave.
212.636.7545 sheabischof C&T
Skinner-Stone, Mary Room 1008E 212.636.6453 mskinner PES
Stephens, Persia Room 1003B 646.293.3946 pstephens Project Reach Coordinator
Struk, Marge Level C
557 E. Fordham Rd.
718.817.3459 struk PSO
Taddeo, Marie Room 1108 212.636.7729 mtaddeo Center Ed Partnerships
Tetenbaum, Toby Room 1119E 212.636.6439 tetenbaum ELAP
Torres, Luz Level C
557 E. Fordham Rd.
718.741.3147 ltorres8 PSO
Torres-Sanchez, Anisa Room 207
33 W. 60th Street
212.636.7611 anitorres Financial Aid/Admissions
Triana, Monica Room 1108 212.636.7729 mtriana Center Ed Partnerships
Turner, Kristen Room 1120A 646.312.8766 krturner C&T
Uhry, Joanna Room 1103C 212.636.6446 uhry C&T
Velazquez-Atis, Carolyn Room 1121 212.636.6409 velazquezat Dean's Office
Wallach, Bruce Room 1102D 212.636.7970 bwallach1 C&T
Zhang, Chun Room 1103E 212.636.7236 czhang C&T
Zusho, Akane Room 1016C 212.636.7256 zusho PES
Career Services 8th Fl.
33 W. 60th Street
Duplicating & ID Services Room SL 128A 212.636.6048 brdaly  
Enrollment Services 2nd Floor 212.636.6700    
ESL Institute 3rd Flr
33 W. 60th Street
212.636.6353 esl  
Admissions Office Room 207
33 W. 60th Street
Certification Office Room 1120 212.636.7816    
Computer Lab Room 1025 212.636.7949    
C&T Divison Office Room 1102 212.636.6450    
ELAP Divison Office Room 1119 212.636.6430  
PES Divison Office Room 1008 212.636.6460
Lincoln Center Bookstore   212.636.6080    
Media Services Room 418 212.636.6313    
Operations/Academic Records Room 215 212.636.6735 acadrecords  
Psychological Services Institute Room 832
33 W. 60th Street
Residential Life Room 108
McMahon Hall
212.636.7100 reslifelc  
Rosa Hagin Consultation Center 8th Fl
33 W. 60th Street
212.636.6483 SCECcenters  
Sodexo Room SL 15 212.636.6066    

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