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William Whitten Fordham University

William B. Whitten, PhD

Graduate School of Education
Fordham University
Center for Learning in Unsupervised Environments (CLUE)
13 West 60th Street, Room 1008F
New York, New York 10023

Phone: 212 636-6453

Dr. Whitten is a Distinguished Research Scholar in the Graduate School of Education and is the Director of Fordham University’s Center for Learning in Unsupervised Environments (CLUE). His current research focuses on the application of basic psychological science for the improvement of education.

As Director of CLUE, he is working to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of unsupervised learning such as homework. In previous work he has contributed broadly to human memory studies in cognitive psychology, to program management for basic psychology research in government, and to human-machine interaction design in industry.

Early in his career Dr. Whitten served on the faculties of the University of Michigan and the State University of New York at Albany, where he published basic research on human memory and taught courses in experimental design and cognitive psychology.

Dr. Whitten next served as the Assistant Director of Personnel and Training Research Programs at the Office of Naval Research, where he managed a nationwide, 30-location, basic research program on cognitive processes, human information processing, and computer-aided instruction.

Following this, Dr. Whitten performed and managed research and development in the communications industry.  During his career at Bell Laboratories and subsequently at AT&T Labs, Dr. Whitten led user-centered systems engineering and human factors design groups, including the User Experience Engineering Division and the Multimedia Applications and User Interfaces Division.  At AT&T Labs he was appointed as the first Technology Leader of User Experience Engineering. 

Academic Background

Ph.D. in experimental/cognitive psychology at the University of Michigan’s Human Performance Center, 1974
B. A. in psychology, Indiana University, 1970

Research Interests

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