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Submission of Ph.D. and D.Min. Theses for Publication

Online Dissertation Submission through ProQuest-UMI

Doctor of Ministry and Ph.D. students may now submit their dissertation through a new online process which reduces the cost to students. The traditional publishing fee has been reduced $0. You do not need to bring a hard copy to the Academic Programs Office at the time of the presentation appointment..
After approval from your director and the Dean, visit
Click on Student: Submit and follow the instructions to create an account.
Continue through the online submission process and once complete submit your dissertation with the proper format(See the D.Min. or Ph.D. student guidebooks for details).
GSRRE will contact you to confirm that your submission is accepted or if there are any errors or problems with your submission.
Schedule a presentation appointment by the published deadlines shown on the GSRR Calendar at by contacting Fran Falciano at x4800.
Bring all paperwork required (see the student guidebook) to your presentation. Your dissertation will not be placed in the stacks of the Fordham Library, but will be available online through the ProQuest Dissertation Database.
Please be sure to follow the deadlines for graduation that are published on the GSRRE Calendar.
 If you need direction in completing this process, please start with Francesca Falciano at or 718-817-4800.

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