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Certificates and Degrees
There is a dual focus to the mission of the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education. On the one hand, the GRE is committed through its degree programs to cultivating academic excellence and scholarly research. On the other hand, as part of a commitment to church and society the GRE encourages the development of pastoral skills in religious education and the various areas of pastoral ministry.

To honor the dual focus of the GRE's mission, GRE academic programs are described in two ways. GRE degree programs are listed and described as academically rigorous programs of study that provide theological and pastoral foundations for religious education and pastoral studies. GRE academic offerings are also listed and described in terms of pastoral and ministerial skills in the areas of religious education, spirituality and spiritual direction, pastoral care and counseling, and general pastoral studies and pastoral ministry
 M.A. in Religious Education
 M.A. in Pastoral Care
 M.A. in Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Care
 Ph.D. in Religious Education
 Doctor of Ministry
 Graduate Certificate Program in Faith Formation
 Graduate Certificate Program in Spiritual Direction
MA in Pastoral Studies 
MA in Christian Spirituality
Graduate Certificate in Latino Ministry
Graduate Certificate in Christian Spirituality

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