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Pastoral Counseling
Masters of Arts in Pastoral Care (On-Line Degree)

The Masters of Arts program in Pastoral Care (36 Credits) is designed to prepare those engaged in the work of ministry to be competent and effective pastoral caregivers in their present and future ministries. The goal of the program is to provide knowledge and understanding of the nature and purpose of pastoral care, increased effectiveness with pastoral care interventions and sustained theological reflection on the application of pastoral care in specific situations of ministry. The program combines theory and practice and aims at the integration of theological and psychological knowledge to increase effectiveness in pastoral ministry. At the core of the program are philosophical, theological, historical, psychological, sociological and cultural foundations. Various modalities of theological reflection will be utilized in the program: pastoral and practical theology, psychology, developmental theory, spirituality, and cultural and multicultural perspectives. The program is designed to be done primarily online, but some course work may be completed in a traditional classroom setting.

Masters of Arts in Pastoral Counseling

The Master of Arts program in Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Care (60 Credits) trains students to be clinical pastoral counselors and serve as pastoral ministers who can address everyday psychological and spiritual issues and concerns. Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to become licensed mental health counselors. It also provides training for those working with families, congregations and other professional institutions. In consultation with an academic adviser, students choose courses in core mental health disciplines and pastoral areas of study. The program requires the completion of 60 credit hours of graduate study, with 600 hours of field placement. Some coursework may be completed on-line.

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