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Masters of Arts in Religious Education

Masters of Arts 
in Religious Education

The Master of Arts degree provides a deepened understanding of core theological disciplines and opportunities to explore the various arts of pastoral ministry. The degree is designed for those serving the church or preparing for employment at parish, school and diocesan levels. Those seeking personal enrichment through the study of Christian faith are also welcome to apply. Students focus their studies on theological research and are required to complete a research paper.

In consultation with an academic adviser, students select theological courses in the core areas of biblical studies, systematic studies and liturgical/spiritual studies. Students also choose from a wide variety of pastorally oriented courses in religious education, spirituality and spiritual direction, pastoral care and counseling, family ministry, parish education and leadership, pastoral liturgy, youth ministry and social ministry. Students accepted into the M.A. degree program are required to complete a research paper that focuses on a particular pastoral issue or concern and integrates insights and theological methods of inquiry from throughout their program of study

The Master's Degree Handbook

The following are the concentrations offered within the M.A. in Religious Education

Students may also elect to pursue a more general M.A. program without a stated concentration

Adult, Family and Community:

The Adult, Family and Community Religious Education concentration provides foundational studies in adult learning and development. Students select from among courses in parish education, aesthetics and religious education, education for peace and justice, strategies of religious education, the history of religious education, the religious and educational development of children, and other courses in religious education and the social sciences. The concentration meets the needs of those serving or preparing to serve as Directors of Religious Education (DREs) and others who work or are preparing to work with children, parents and teachers in school, parish and home settings. It also serves students preparing for educational ministry with adults in parishes, dioceses, retreat houses and spiritual life centers.

Youth and Young Adult Ministry

The Youth and Young Adult Ministry concentration focuses on understanding adolescent and young adult religious, spiritual, moral and psychological development; Students choose from among courses in community, family and religious education; curriculum and religious education; adult learning and development and other areas of religious education and pastoral studies. Students are asked to direct their studies in either religious education or pastoral studies as they prepare for a career path as either religious education/catechesis with youth and young adults in parishes, schools, college and university campuses, and dioceses. This program is also offered in the distance learning format as well as the traditional classroom venue.  On Campus Curriculum-PDF   --  Online Curriculum PDF

Generalist Concentration

Students may elect not to choose a specific concentration. The general approach could encompass various areas of course work within the School of Religious Education from both the required Religious Education coursework as well as other areas within the school.

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