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ONLINE Courses Summer 2014

Online Course Offerings Summer 2014
Registration will be open for summer and fall 2014 on April 7th 2014

Session A - 8 weeks
May 19th through July 9th (Week Zero Begins May 12th) 

10675 RLGR 6011.O1 New Testament Dr. Giovanna Czander Syllabus
This course will engage questions about the development of the Christian canon while reading parts of the New Testament in the context of first century Judaism.

10676 RLGR 6033.O1 Sacraments Fr. Claudio Burgaleta, SJ, PhD Syllabus
An introduction to the history and theology of the sacraments, and the contemporary rites that are used to celebrate them in the Roman Catholic Church.

10677 PCGR 6386.O1 Pastoral Counseling Theory Dr. Christine Berger Syllabus
Faith and ministry of pastoral counseling. Consideration of religious resources and identity, theories of the counseling process and practical issues of therapeutic relationship, contract, setting, referral, etc.

10678PCGR 6380.O1 Theology of Pastoral Care & Counseling Dr. Carol McGinnis Syllabus
This course addresses theological and spiritual issues in the field of pastoral care and counseling and proposes a theological method for reflecting on these issues.

10679 REGR 6204.O1 Special Questions-Youth Ministry Dr. Harold Horell Syllabus
Offers a study of identity formation, sexual development, social consciousness, the influence of popular media culture, attitudes toward authority, and Generation X and Millennial Generation spirituality. Participants will explore ways of re-envisioning religious education and pastoral ministry to respond more adequately to contemporary youth culture.

Session B - 8 weeks
June 23rd through August 11th (Week Zero Begins June 16th)

10683 PCGR 6390.O2 Psychopathology & Diagnosis Dr. Cheryl Fisher Syllabus
This course addresses the purpose and practices of clinical diagnosis in a relational context. Topics to be covered include interviewing and assessment techniques, DSM-IV categories, mental status exam, character development/pathology, and defenses. Case studies will be used to practice the art of diagnostic formulation, as students begin to develop a structure and strategy for interviewing, treatment-planning and case formulation.

10680 SPGR 6703.O2 History of Christian Spirituality 2 Dr. Chad Thralls   Syllabus
This course will explore a number of the significant figures and themes that characterized the development of Christian Spirituality from the Reformation to the present. 

Additional Courses

10682 ZZGR 7071.O2 Field Placement Dr. Lisa Cataldo

Placement in a setting allowing for an integration of theory and practice. Several clients seen weekly with on-site supervision. Staff meetings and case conferences attended as possible. Students will attend a monthly Field Placement Seminar during the duration of the Field Placement. Admission to this course is restricted to students in Field Placement. Pass/Fail only. Requires approval from faculty advisor,

10681 ZZGR 7072.O2 6 Credit Field Placement Dr. Lisa Cataldo
Placement in a setting allowing for an integration of theory and practice. This course is for students intending to complete 6 credits of placement in one semester. Oversight by field placement director. Pass/Fail only. Requires approval from faculty advisor, Fall/Spring only. 

10857 ZZGR 7076.O01 Clinical Pastoral Education (online students only)
10858 ZZGR 8070.O01 Maintenance of Matriculation Patrick Holt (online students only)

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