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Frs Vincent and Joseph Novak Scholars Program

Fordham University’s Graduate School 
of Religion and Religious Education 
Scholarship Program for workers in the Latino Community 

Fr. Vincent Novak, S.J.The Rev. Vincent M. Novak, S.J. Fr. Joseph Novak, S.J.
and Rev. Joseph Novak, S.J. 
Latino Scholars Program

In the fall of 2013 the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education launched The Novak Scholarship Program to support two students at the start of each academic year.  These students must demonstrate an ability to excel academically, and though not exclusively so, the scholarship is aimed at students possessing knowledge of and a background in ministry to the Latin@ community. Generally recipients should also intend to serve this community. 

The program is named for the Rev. Vincent M. Novak, S.J., the founding dean of the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education, and the Rev. Joseph Novak, S.J., a long-time faculty member and interim dean. 

Financial Assistance and Mentoring Will Prepare Recipients for Careers as Religious Educators or Spiritual Advisors in the Community

“Our mission is to provide financial support and mentoring to students with a desire to minister to and serve as leaders within the Latino community as religious educators, pastoral ministers or counselors and spiritual directors,” says C. Colt Anderson, dean of the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education. “The Novak Scholarship Program will provide an added incentive that channels students to strive for academic excellence and encourages the Latino community to participate in Fordham’s high-quality programs that cater to distinctive and diverse viewpoints.”

Two students will be admitted into the scholarship program each year and a maximum of four students will be supported at any given time. The program includes a mentoring component that provides students with career advice and course consultations. Students’ financial needs will also be considered during the selection process.

Students selected to participate in the Novak Scholarship Program will receive a full scholarship over a 2-year period with a maximum of 36 credits hours covered by the scholarship. Incoming and current students, across the School, who qualify are eligible for the program, with the exception of those in the Ph.D. in Religious Education. 

Who Should Apply?
Applicants and admitted students of the GRE should apply, however priority will be given to those who have a background working with or serving in the Latin@ community and who intend to work in a ministerial capacity with the Latin@ population.

What is required for the application?
1. An application found on the link below.*
2. Applicants must also file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) .
3. Two letters of recommendation, separate from the letters provided for the application for admissions, from professional or academic references who can speak to the applicant's readiness and aptitude for graduate level study should be forwarded to the selection committee.
4. An essay responding to two questions provided in the scholarship application. These should be answered fully and submitted with the application.

*Novak Scholars Application Form

Where should the Novak Scholars application be sent?
Forward all materials to:

Asst Dean William Madden
Fordham University
Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education
441 East Fordham Road
Keating Hall Room 303
Bronx, NY 10458 

or via email: 

When is the application due?
July 1, 2014

When will decisions be made?
Within four weeks of the application deadline.

Is an interview needed for the program?
Interviews will be conducted by the Office of the Dean at the discretion of the selection committee. 


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