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Non-Matriculated Study

Non Matriculated Study

Some prospective students, or other interested parties, may opt to begin coursework on a non-matriculated basis, meaning one does not go through a formal admissions process or review.

    • Students might wish to strenghthen their candidacy for admission
    • Some may want simply to explore an area of study for personal enrichment or employment opportunities 
    • Some may wish to build academic confidence before matriculating into a degree or certificate program 
    • Some may wish simply to begin coursework as soon as possible 

      To register as a non-matriculant please complete the form below.

      Non-Matriculated Study Form

      Only traditional classroom courses are available to non-matriculated students.  On-line course are not available. 
      Non Matirculants may take up to 6 credits with the School.  To continue beyond that point, the student would need to apply and be formally admitted.  
      Classes may also be taken on an audit basis, where no credit is awarded. Students will be expected to choose either study for credit or for audit at the time of registration.  The status of a class will not be changed after the course has been completed.

      FEES:  Current Academic Year

    Please refer to the link for the upcoming semester found on the home page for GRE, for a listing of current course offerings.

    Contact the Office of the Dean: 718 817 4800 or 


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