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Religious Education Catechesis Conference Mar 29th

This event has been cancelled 

Catechetical Leadership in the New Millennium:
Religious Education and Lifelong Catechesis

Dr. Kieran Scott: "Are Our Hearts Still Burning Within Us? Is Adult Faith Formation on Hold?" 

Dr. Harold Horell: "Welcoming Children"

Dr. Lope Lesigues: "Digital Catechesis in the Parish Setting"  

Dr. Donna Eschenauer: "Educating the next Generation Religiously: Implications of the Baptismal Catechumenate for Catechesis”

Questions? Contact Jodi Hunt (718) 817–5966

Speaker Profiles
Dr. Kieran Scott, Ed.D.:
Dr. Kieran Scott is a professor of Religious Education at the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education at Fordham University, New York. He holds an EdD from Columbia University, New York, and a MA in theology from New York Theological Seminary. His recent publications include a series of essays in Critical Issues in Religious Education, ed. Oliver Brennan (Veritas 2005); Perspectives on Marriage, 3rd, edited with Michael Warren (Oxford University Press, 2007); Human Sexuality in the Catholic Tradition, ed. with Harold Daly Horell (Rowman and Littlefield, 2007); and “Illness and the Paradox of Power”, in Spiritual and Psychological Aspects of Illness, eds. Beverly A. Musgrave and Neil J. McGettigan (Paulist Press, 2010).

Dr. Harold Horell, Ph.D.:
Dr.  "Bud" Horell is an Associate Professor of Religious Education at the Fordham University Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education.
Bud holds an interdisciplinary doctoral degree in theology and education from the Boston College Institute of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry. He also received a MTS from Harvard Divinity School, and an MA in Philosophy from the University of Dayton, OH.
His primary academic and teaching interests are in the history and foundations of religious education, moral education, education for peace and justice, and the religious development of children, youth, and young adults.
Bud’s primary vocation is as a husband and father. He and Barbara Jean Daly Horell have been married for 26 years and have three children: twins sons Gareth and Brendan (age 23) and daughter Rose (age 15).
Bud’s most recent publications are “Liberating Moral Reflection” in Religious Education 108(4): 378-391; and “James DiGiacomo” published at Christian Educators of the Twentieth Century <>. In November 2013, he presented “On Learning to See the World Religiously: Moral Awareness, Faith, and Public Moral Discourse” at the Annual Meeting of the Religious Education Association in the Boston area.

Dr. Lope Lesigues, S.Th.D., Ph.D. :
Dr. Lesigues is an adjunct professor of the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education at Fordham University, New York and is currently the director of the theater-based, digitally interactive Family Faith Formation program at the Church of the Presentation at Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, where he serves as parochial vicar. He earned his masters and doctorate degree from Louvain, Belgium. In 2012, he co-edited a book on aesthetics entitled Art and Theology at the Crossroads? His book, The Archaeology of Play, is forthcoming.

Dr. Donna Eschenauer, Ph.D.:
Dr. Eschenauer is the Associate Academic Dean and Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology, Religious Education and Catechetics at St. Joseph’s Seminary and College for the Archdiocese of New York.
She earned her Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education at Fordham University, New York in May 2010. Her dissertation topic was “The Paschal Triduum: A Roman Catholic Way of Teaching How to Live and How to Die.”

Her recent publications include The Easter Triduum: A Ritual Pilgrimage (San Jose, CA: Resource Publications, 2013); Reflections on Renewal: Lay Ecclesial Ministry and the Church, co-edited with Harold D. Horell (Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2011); How to Lead Children’s Liturgy of the Word, so-authored with Pat Fosarrelli. Chicago, IL: Liturgy Training Publications, 2014. Her work First Communion Liturgies will be published through Liturgical Press later this year. She also has several articles published in Catechumenate: A Journal of Christian Initiation, and “Memory and Imagination: The Paschal Triduum Teaching How to Live and How to Die” appears in
Religious Education, July/September 2012.

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