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GSRRE Changes in course numbers and designations – Spring 2014 and futureGuide (PDF Version)

Starting with the Spring 2014 semester, GSRRE has renumbered all of our courses and also given each area a new designation. Please take a moment to understand these changes:

 What is new? All GRE Courses have new course numbers.

6000 introductory courses – Certificate/introductory MA courses

7000 advanced MA courses – Advanced or 2nd year MA courses (Some of these numbers may change in future semesters.)

8000 Doctoral only courses - only for doctoral students, or by permission

Grouping of like courses – all scriptural courses are closer in number now, all history of spirituality courses, etc.

Area Designations Courses will be designated by area now for clarity, not everything is REGR!

PCGR – Pastoral Counseling

PMGR – Pastoral Ministry

REGR – Religious Education

RLGR – courses not linked to an area(Scripture courses, etc)

SPGR – Spirituality

Courses are now grouped by content - all scripture courses have adjoining numbers etc.

  Will recognize both your prior courses with old numbers and your new courses with new numbers, but this may take up to two months to appear properly. All newly added degree programs and revised curricula in other programs will be added to DegreeWorks, those changes should be in place by January 1st. 

Did the courses change? No, courses still have the same descriptions and content, Pastoral Counseling Skills is still Pastoral Counseling skills, it just has a new number and area designation!

Start with your faculty advisor, or contact Dean Holt, we will be glad to help you adjust to the new system.

Why the wait? It’s important that we proceed carefully in programming DegreeWorks so that in the future it recognizes every single GRE course you take and the places where the courses will fit into your curriculum.


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