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Doctor of Ministry

Admission to the D Min. program requires the possession of a Master of Divinity degree or its educational equivalent.  Generally, equivalency is assessed as tantamount to 36 graduate credits in theological or religious studies (typically 15 credits in Scripture, 15 credits in doctrinal or systematic theology, and 6 credits in other areas of theology or religious studies).  Students who do not have this background are advised to take such courses in the GSRRE, the Department of Theology of Fordham University, or other graduate theological programs.  The practice of ministry is not considered an equivalent substitute for the Master of Divinity degree.

To be admitted to the program applicants should have three years of experience in ministry after their first theological degree.  They should also manifest the capacity for an advanced level of competence in and reflection on religious ministry. Admission of applicants to the D.Min. is determined by the D.Min. Committee, which is comprised of the dean/director and D.Min. faculty members.  Admission to the D.Min. is selective and offered only to those applicants who have demonstrated the requisite intellectual ability, academic and ministerial preparation, and motivation.

Those applying for admissions are expected to have a B+ average in their Master’s degree.  They must supply official final college, seminary, and graduate school transcripts as well as two letters of recommendation, preferably from the applicant's academic or ministerial background.  Applicants must also submit a statement of purpose* for seeking the degree, as well as a writing sample of 20-30 pages, in the form of a research paper from previously completed course work.

The admissions deadline varies, and applications will be reviewed for admission for each upcoming semester. Applicants should apply within the following guidelines: by Jan 15, April 15 or Nov. 1 each year .  Students are generally notified within two weeks of these guideline dates. Students may begin studies in Fall, Spring or Summer semesters, and may elect to begin classes on campus or on-line.   Each student accepted into the program is assigned an advisor who guides the student in academic and career matters.  Students are expected to maintain a B+ grade point average during the entire period of their doctoral studies.  Mentors and readers for doctoral dissertations and projects are decided upon by students in consultation with prospective mentors and readers. The mentor must be chosen from the D.Min. faculty. Readers may be chosen from within or outside of the D.Min. faculty.  For further information on the program, please contact the director, Dean C. Colt Anderson  at 718-817-4800.

*Statement of Purpose Outline

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