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Bachelor of Arts in Social Work: Field Instruction FAQs

Do you have other questions about senior year and qualifying for graduation?

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Whom do I talk to about setting up my field placement?

Rachelle Kammer, Ph.D., the field coordinator for the B.A.S.W. program, will contact you when it’s time to begin the process of setting up your field placement. You will meet during the spring semester before your internship starts in the fall. She can be reached at or (212) 636-6660.

Dr. Kammer sets up field placements for Lincoln Center students. Carrie Amos, L.C.S.W., sets up field placements for students at the Westchester campus. She will also serve as your faculty advisor and lead the Field Practicum Integrative Seminar during your senior year.

What kinds of internships are available?

Our B.A.S.W. students work in a wide range of settings, including:

  • schools
  • mental health facilities
  • homeless shelters
  • day care centers
  • substance abuse treatment facilities
  • senior centers
  • advocacy organizations
  • housing programs
  • child welfare agencies
  • programs for veterans and
  • correctional facilities, among others.

Do I have a choice about where I do my field placement?

Rachelle Kammer, Ph.D., (Lincoln Center students) and Carrie Amos, L.C.S.W., (Westchester students) will work with you to find the best fit given your interests, your other obligations and scheduling needs, your access to transportation, and the availability of appropriate internships. It is crucial that you get strong supervision and appropriate assignments at
your internship, so this is an important part in determining where you will be placed.

What if I have an idea about a possible field placement for myself

That’s great, and you should share your thoughts with Rachelle Kammer, Ph.D., (Lincoln Center students) or Carrie Amos, L.C.S.W., (Westchester students). We will work with you to see if the placement meets the B.A.S.W. program’s requirements.

What if I work full time?  How will this impact my field placement?

All students are REQUIRED to do at least four consecutive hours of their field placement each week during the agency’s regular working hours, typically 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (This allows you to participate in particular learning experiences such as staff meetings and professional consultations.) If you work full time, you have to make arrangements with your employer to accommodate this requirement (or use your vacation time).

Evening and weekend placements are very limited, and your choices of field placements will be much more limited if you are not available during daytime hours. Many students have worked with their employer to alter their work hours to give them more options for a field placement.

If you are working full time while in school, doing a 14-hour per week field placement is a better option for you.

If I do the 14-hour field placement, can I walk at graduation?

B.A.S.W. students have a choice of doing their internship for 14 hours a week or 21 hours a week. Many students choose a 14-hour per week field placement because they have other obligations, such as full-time or part-time work, family commitments or a heavy course load. Students who choose the 14-hour per week option do get to walk at graduation with their classmates, but they receive their actual diploma after they complete their internship in August.

You and your family are also encouraged to attend the Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service graduation, a beautiful, joyous event where B.A.S.W.students are given special recognition.

What should I wear when I go for an interview at a potential field placement?

Please dress in professional attire for your interview. You do not necessarily need to buy a new outfit, but you should not wear jeans, T-
shirts, low-cut tops, short skirts, or tennis shoes. You should bring a notebook, pen, and two copies of your resume to the interview.

What will I be doing at my field placement?

You will be doing a generalist social work internship, which means that you will be working with individual clients, as well as gaining exposure to larger agency and systems practices and issues.

How can I prepare myself for my field placement?

The Fordham B.A.S.W. program is designed so that the courses you take while at your internship teach you the skills you will use there. Once your field placement is determined, you can prepare yourself by reading more about the agency where you will be working, as well as the population you will be serving.

What is the Field Practicum Integrative Seminar?

The Integrative Seminar is a required course that meets 15 times during your senior year. All the students in the seminar are B.A.S.W. students, and the course provides an opportunity to talk and integrate what you are learning in your internship with what you are learning in your social work classes. It is a supportive learning community where you can
discuss your new role as a social work professional and the growth and challenges you are experiencing.

Attendance in the seminar is required as part of your obligation to fulfill the 600 hours of the Field Practicum course. You will not receive a separate grade or additional credits for the seminar.

The course has traditionally been taught on Tuesday nights at the Lincoln Center campus and on Wednesday nights at the Westchester campus. You will be informed of the dates and time in the spring, well before you begin your internship in the fall. The person leading the seminar is your senior year social work faculty adviser. He or she is also the point person at Fordham regarding any issues at your field placement.

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How do I contact B.A.S.W. staff at Lincoln Center or Westchester?

Lincoln Center Campus

David Koch, Ph.D.

Director, B.A.S.W. Program
(212) 636-6656

Rachelle Kammer, Ph.D.

Field Instruction Coordinator, B.A.S.W. Program
(212) 636-6660

Nicolee Feliz
Executive Assistant, B.A.S.W. Program
(212) 636-6628

Westchester Campus

Linda White-Ryan, M.S.W., R.N.
Assistant Director, B.A.S.W. Program Westchester
(914) 367-3017

Carrie Amos, L.C.S.W.
Faculty Advisor and Seminar Leader, B.A.S.W. Program Westchester
(203) 791-1180, ext. 225

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