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B.A.S.W. Student Advising
All Fordham University students are assigned a faculty adviser. Advisers help you plan your academic career, choose a major, and determine your future goals.

Once you are accepted into the B.A.S.W. program, you will be assigned a social work faculty adviser. He or she becomes your official University faculty adviser.

B.A.S.W. faculty advisers meet with students individually and in groups on a regular basis. This professional mentoring complements your coursework and field experience.


You and your faculty adviser meet one-on-one on a regular basis during both years of the B.A.S.W. major. The individual advisement meetings offer you personalized support throughout the program.

In these sessions, you and your faculty adviser:
  • determine your goals
  • evaluate your progress throughout the program
  • address your academic needs
  • discuss any concerns you may have, and
  • plan for your social work career or post-graduate study.


When you are not in Field Practicum, you will meet in a group with a faculty adviser about two times per semester. The group advisement meetings support the strong sense of community among B.A.S.W. social work students and faculty.

In these sessions, the faculty adviser:
  • gives information about the social work curriculum
  • updates students on program requirements
  • engages the group in discussions relevant to social work practice—from time management to employment opportunities to professional use of the self with clients
  • encourages students to share their experiences and resources, and
  • provides a forum where students can support one another’s progress and struggles.


Students who are in a field placement take the Field Practicum Integrative Seminar instead of attending group advisement meetings. The seminar is led by a faculty adviser and meets biweekly, 15 times during the academic year. These sessions help integrate your fieldwork experiences with the knowledge you have gained in the classroom.

Attendance is required as part of your obligation to fulfill the 600 hours of the Field Practicum course. You will not receive a separate grade or additional credits for this seminar.

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If you are interested in the B.A.S.W. program, please contact the program's director, David Koch, Ph.D., at or (212) 636-6656. 

He welcomes questions from any undergraduate students who are exploring a career in social work.

David E. Koch, M.S.W., Ph.D.
B.A.S.W. Program Director
113 West 60th Street, Room 716
New York, NY 10023
(212) 636-6656


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