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Beck Institute Accomplishments


Social Work for Social Justice: 
Drs. Lightburn and Lindquist presented the work of the Beck Institute at the first national conference on "Social Work for Social Justice: Strengthening Social Work Practice through the Integration of Catholic Social Teaching", St Paul, Minnesota, June 3-6. Their presentation, "Celebrating Faith in Action: Capacity Building Through a University Institute's Social Justice Mission for the Poor", has been published in a Resource Guide: Social Work for Social Justice, School of Social Work, St Paul: Minnesota, School of Social Work, College of St Catherine and St Thomas, June 2007.

Celebrating Faith in Action: The Faith Community's Response to the Challenge of Poverty: 
The Beck Institute presented an all-day interfaith conference at the Fordham Lincoln Center Campus, with 15 workshops and a morning plenary session.  The conference was a catalyst to unite the Fordham University community with New York City's faith community to promote social policies and services that will more effectively address the needs of the poor. Rev. Dr.  Bryan Hehir, S.J. from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government , Rev. Dr. James Forbes from Riverside Church, and Dr. John Kretzmann, from Northwestern University provided the inspirational plenary program.  Presenters from the New York metropolitan area offered compelling and informative  workshops demonstrating faith-based programs with a proven track record to some 250 participants.

Collaboration on 3 year MSW/MA Degree: 
The Beck Institute and The Graduate School of Social Service collaborated with Dean Anthony Ciorra, and the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education of Fordham, on a three year joint MSW/MA in pastoral care. Students will take courses in both schools. The Beck Institute will be involved in providing internships in faith-based agencies and be responsible for conducting an integrative seminar and supervision.

Feed the Solution: Ending Hunger Through Civic Participation and Advocacy, with Faith-Based and Community Empowerment:
The Beck Institute co-sponsored this event to raise awareness about and discuss better options for New York City's poor and hungry.  The March 7th evening forum was held at the Lowenstein Building, of the Lincoln Center campus of Fordham University.  A dynamic panel included New York City Councilman Eric Gioia (Civic Participation and Political Strategies), Aine Duggan, VP Government Relations, Policy and Research for The Food Bank of New York City and the Reverend Kevin Bean Vicar of St. Bartholomew's Church (Faith Based and Community Empowerment).

Incarcerated Women: Learn & Lunch - "How Much is Enough?"
The Beck Institute on Religion and Poverty and The Women and Girls Institute of Fordham University's Graduate School of Social Service presented a talk about the challenges incarcerated women face both in prison and after their release as they re-enter society.  The talk was given by Rev. Annie Bovian, the executive director of Woman's Advocate Ministy, Inc. (WAM) and Ms. Knight a former inmate who went through the WAM program. WAM works with women through the entire legal process, from the time of arrest until their case is decided.


Celebrating Faith In Action:
In the summer of 2006 Dr. Lindquist visited over 35 faith-based anti-poverty programs and agencies in New York City.  The visits were a means of learning first hand what types of service programs the faith communities are involved in, and developing a collaborative relationship with the Beck Institute and these providers.  As a result of the visits congregations and agencies participated in the Beck Conference, "Celebrating Faith In Action", discussions were begun regarding potential internships with Fordham MSW students, and ideas for future symposiums and projects were generated.


Undoing Racism Workshops:

rovided by Rev. David Billings from 2004-2005, co-sponsored with the People's Institute for students, mental health and human service providers, as well as congregations.


Multi-Faith Consultation on Poverty:

This initiative united Brooklyn religious leaders and faith-based anti-poverty advocates.  Speakers included: James Parrott, Deputy Director/Chief Economist of the Fiscal Policy Institute; Taina Gonzalez of Make the Road by Walking; and Giovana Rainkin of Families United for Racial and Economic Equality. Religious community participants addressed root causes of economic vulnerability, and needed leadership for broad constituency collaboration.


"Poverty, Truth and Reconciliation":
An article by this name by former Beck Institute Director (and current Board member) Annie Rawlings appeared in the May/June 2002 issue of the Journal Church & Society.

Collaborations with New York Area Organizations and Events:
The Beck Institute aided the planning and leadership of the Interfaith Center of New York's social justice retreat on poverty in New York City, and co-sponsored an interfaithseminar on health care organized by the New York Region of the National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ).


"Has Welfare Reform Worked? Critiques from Faith":
The Beck Institute held a forum on this subject, including presenters representing the Episcopal Church, the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood, the JUDAH International Christian Center, the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, the United Way of New York City, and the Center for the Study of Family Policy, Hunter College.

Multi-Faith Seminar for Religious Leaders of the Future:
The Beck Institute sponsored three evening sessions entitled, "Engaging the Root Causes of Poverty: Poverty: Causes and Responses" featuring Patricia Brownwell of Fordham University, "Faith Considerations" featuring Janet Poppendieck of Hunter College and John Healey from the Archbishop Hughes Institute on Religion and Culture of Fordham University, "Making a Difference" featuring Rabbi Michael Feinberg of the Greater New York Labor and Religion Coalition, Yvonne Shields of Community Voices Heard, and Martin Fergus of Fordham University.

Primer on Welfare Reform:
The Beck Institute published "Welfare Reform: A Primer", which offered a clear, easy-to-read summary of the 1996 welfare legislation - including its historical context, implementation and impact - and the debate concerning its future. The primer was distributed to over 3,000 clergy.  The primer in pdf format is available for download by clicking here.

Internship for Seminarians:
The Beck Institute began a seminary internship program for two interns, one each from Jewish and Union Theological Seminaries. Both of these interns taught classes on poverty at their respective institutiobns, as well as for groups from Drew and New York Theological Seminaries.


Forums on Welfare Reform

The Beck Institute presented a forum entitled, "Preaching the Just Word about Welfare Reform" including featured speaker Walter Burghardt of the Woodstock Theological Center from Georgetown, University, and panel presenters representing Temple Israel of the City of New York, the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood, the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, the Latino Pastoral Action Council, and the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens.

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