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Concord Baptist Church of Christ - In 1990, the Concord congregation called the 27-year old Gary V. Simpson to be its 10th Pastor. Building on a legacy of faith and commitment to justice, Concord Church is now immersing itself in a new mission for a changed world. Fueled by the love of Jesus Christ, the church is building its ministries, and working to expand, deepen and broaden its witness. Concord Church has become a Tithing Congregation. Fully 10% of its gathered resources are given out to missions – to influence and empower positive change. One of the first institutional milestones of this new commitment is the congregation’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity. With a $100,000 commitment from the Concord congregation, Habitat for Humanity has led the building of the Concord House to provide affordable housing for Brooklyn families in need.

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