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Homelessness, Shelters and Affordable Housing

Beyond Shelter Coalition of West Side Synagogues for Permanent Housing for Low Income and Homeless New Yorkers’
objective is to increase the amount of housing and related services available to homeless persons in our community.

Bowery Mission’s purpose is to minister in New York City to men, women, and children caught in the cycles of poverty, hopelessness and dependencies of many kinds, and to see their lives transformed to hope, joy, lasting productivity and eternal life through the power of Jesus Christ.

Broadway Community, Inc. provides emergency food, clothing and shelter to those in need, as well as long-term support aimed at healing the body, mind and spirit. Broadway Community, Inc. (BCI) is a faith- and community-based social service organization that strives to make a difference in the lives of the people who walk through our doors.

Cathedral Community Cares goal is to be the catalyst to help improve the lives of those impacted by addiction, hunger, poverty, homelessness, and poor health. Through the dedicated efforts of trained professionals and those qualified by their life experiences, those who struggle are helped. As a part of the Living Cathedral, Cathedral Community Cares expands its services based on the needs of the community. By working with the community in a safe environment, the seeds of change are planted, nurtured, and developed through advocacy, intervention, and empowerment.

Concord Baptist Church of Christ - In 1990, the Concord congregation called the 27-year old Gary V. Simpson to be its 10th Pastor. Building on a legacy of faith and commitment to justice, Concord Church is now immersing itself in a new mission for a changed world. Fueled by the love of Jesus Christ, the church is building its ministries, and working to expand, deepen and broaden its witness. Concord Church has become a Tithing Congregation. Fully 10% of its gathered resources are given out to missions – to influence and empower positive change. One of the first institutional milestones of this new commitment is the congregation’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity. With a $100,000 commitment from the Concord congregation, Habitat for Humanity has led the building of the Concord House to provide affordable housing for Brooklyn families in need.

Congregation B’nai Jeshurun: Through Panim el Panim, B'nai Jeshurun's Community Organizing and Advocacy Initiative, we utilize community organizing strategies to build deeper relationships among congregants, identify issues of shared concern, and advocate for social change in partnership with other communities. Our four direct-service programs - the BJ/SPSA Homeless Shelter, Judith Bernstein Lunch Program, BJ Reads, and the BJ/Ralph Bunche School Partnership - offer concrete ways to address the immediate needs and improve the lives of others in our community. Under the name "BJ Responds," we take additional opportunities to "pray with our feet" through one-time events and by responding to global and national crises including the genocide in Darfur. We invite each of you to carve out your own path of gemilut hasadim at B'nai Jeshurun, to serve God and to live the mitzvot of our tradition.

Franciscan Friars of Renewal’s mission is to serve the materially poor, most especially the destitute and homeless. Friaries not primarily focused on formation should have one or more facilities to provide for the needs of the poor, for example, a shelter, soup kitchen, food pantry and/or clothing room. Each of these works must be directed by a friar to preserve the Catholic and Franciscan character. Every member of the community is to be personally and directly involved in “hands on” work with the poor. All service to the poor is given completely free of charge.

Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement (HCCI) is committed to the holistic revitalization of Harlem. We provide economic development and empowerment opportunities to help Harlem residents rebuild and sustain their community.

Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing addresses the crisis of homelessness and the shortage of affordable housing in two ways. Through our empowerment programs we help those who have been homeless to recover from the trauma associated with their homelessness, and with our advocacy partners we work to “Build the Blessed City Together” and promote public policies that will – produce affordable housing; prevent homelessness, provide important services; and promote income and employment.

Part of the Solution (POTS) mission is to be a loving community in the Bronx that nourishes the basic needs and hungers of all who come to our door. POTS is challenged to respond to the individual and collective crisis in the lives of our guests and neighborhood. POTS attempts to foster personal development in all by providing a supportive environment so all can assess their strengths and weaknesses to move toward stability in income, housing and nutrition. POTS recognizes that a myriad of issues affect crisis in individual’s lives. POTS responds to these issues through three programs:

  • The Basic Program,
  • The Homeless Prevention Program
  • and The Transitional Residence Program.

St. Paul the Apostle Church
has several programs for those in need including: Simon Society provides assistance to seniors and physically challenged parishioners. As Simon of Cyrene assisted Jesus in carrying the cross, volunteers in the Simon Society help these parishioners “carry” some of their crosses. Assistance may be offered in various forms. St. Paul’s Homeless Shelter Program provides overnight accommodations and meals here at St. Paul’s auditorium to 12 individuals, four nights a week from October through April. Maria's Kitchen is held on Tuesdays in the Church auditorium. It provides a hot lunch and a bag of sandwiches to our neighbors in need.

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