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Incarceration and Post-Incarceration

Abraham House
offers the incarcerated and their relatives a place of hope and community, where lives can be rebuilt, families mended, lessons learned, and men, women and children deeply marked by crime receive the spiritual, social and practical tools to become productive citizens.


Exodus Transitional Community is a fellowship of formerly incarcerated individuals that helps people coming out of prison build stable lives and fully reintegrate into society.

The Interfaith Coalition of Advocates for Reentry and Employment (ICARE) was founded in October 2004 to organize a religious response to the crisis of recidivism in New York State. In the Restorative Justice tradition, people of faith affirm the intellectual and spiritual capacity of persons with criminal convictions, believing in the potential for rehabilitation and reconciliation. ICARE's commitment to Restorative Justice further takes into account the "Restoration of Rights" for formerly incarcerated persons. ICARE is advocating for the removal of barriers encountered by people reentering the community after prison. The ICARE coalition consists of communities of faith, direct service providers, and policy organizations.

Prison Fellowship partners with local churches across the country to minister to a group that society often scorns and neglects: prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families. The focus of our ministry includes fellowshipping with Jesus (including teaching others to live and look at life from a biblical perspective), visiting prisoners, and welcoming the children of prisoners.

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