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Next start date is in January 2015.
Application Deadline is November 15, 2014 (soft deadline)
Download CASAC application here

Application to the Fordham CASAC Program follows this three step process:

Round One

An application form must be completed and postmarked by the deadline date listed for the next semester.
The application will ask for:

* A transcript of your most recent education
* A Personal Statement
* An updated resume
* References (educational, professional, or personal)

Round Two

After the deadline has passed, the submitted applications will be reviewed to decide who will pass to the interview stage.

Selected applicants will be contacted via telephone or email to schedule appointments with interviewer. The interview will consist of:

* Questions regarding readiness of entrance into program
* Addressing concerns noted during applications
* Assessment of readiness of fit between program services and applicant goals
* Clarification of program elements for applicant
* An in person writing sample procurement

Round Three

Those selected as new students for the Fordham CASAC Program will be notified of their acceptance through the mail as will those not selected. During this time, there may be applicants who will be contacted as having been accepted as "pending due to writing" which means they will need to pass the writing preparatory class in order to enter into the program. This preparatory course is a four hour online self study designed to assure participants are writing-ready prior to entrance in the program.

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