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Dr. Shirley Gatenio Gabel is an Associate Professor at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Service.  Dr. Gatenio Gabel’s research increasingly focuses on how public policies improve the well-being of children from a child right’s perspective.  Dr. Gatenio Gabel has served as a consultant to UNICEF and UNESCO on child poverty and advocacy strategies, social protection in developing countries and social inclusive policies and programs in developing countries. She was a Senior Fulbright Scholar in Bulgaria in 2005-06 and a Fulbright specialist in 2014 to Argentina. She is a member of CSWE’s Board of Directors, chairs CSWE’s Commission on Global Education, a member of the Katherine A. Kendall Institute and the International Network on Leave Policies and Research.  She co-edited a special issue of JSWE on the globalization of social work education (with Lynne Healy) and is the editor of a book series on rights-based approaches to social work practice (Springer, 2015).  

Contact Information: (212) 636-6659 /


Peer-reviewed Journal Publications:

Gatenio Gabel, S. & Kamerman, S.B. (in press). A global review of new risks and new responses for children and their families. Asian Social Work and Policy Review, 3(1).

Gatenio Gabel, S. (2009). The great divide: The marginalization of young Roma children in Bulgaria. International Journal of Social Welfare. (Published online March 2008).

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Gatenio Gabel, S. & Kamerman, S.B. (June 2006). Investing in children: Public commitment in 21 industrialized countries, Social Services Review, 80 (3), 239-266.

Books and Book Chapters:

Gatenio Gabel, S. & Kamerman, S.B. (in press). Effective policy writing for diverse Audiences. In B. Simon & W. Green (Eds.) Columbia University guide to socialwork writing in the 21st century, Columbia University Press.

Meyers, M. & Gatenio, S. (in press). Child care in the New York welfare state. In I. Garfinkel & M. Meyers (Eds.) The welfare state of New York City. New York: Russell Sage Foundation.

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