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Field Instruction Calendar: Online Program

SCHEDULE 2013 - 2014

COURSES:      Foundation  #SWKO 6901
           Advanced  #SWKO 6902
                                                21-hour placements  8/26/13 - 4/16/14
                                                14-hour placements  8/26/13 - 7/18/14
Aug. 12-16

"Week 0" orientation to the Integrative Seminar
Aug. 19

1st Integrative Seminar
Aug. 26

Field Instruction begins
Sept. 2

2nd Integrative Seminar
Sept. 23
3rd Integrative Seminar
Oct. 14
  4th Integrative Seminar
Nov. 11   5th Integrative Seminar
Nov. 27 - Dec. 1
  Thanksgiving Recess (No Field Instruction; University Closed)
Dec. 2
  6th Integrative Seminar
Dec. 22 - Jan. 5

Christmas Recess (No Field Instruction; University Closed to Jan. 2)
Jan. 2

University Reopens
Jan. 6
  Field Instruction resumes for Spring semester
Jan. 6
  7th Integrative Seminar
Jan. 10

Fall Term Evaluations due for 21- and 14-hour students
Feb. 10   8th Integrative Seminar
Mar. 17 - 23
Spring Break (No Field Instruction; University remains open)
Mar. 24
9th Integrative Seminar
Apr. 7   10th Integrative Seminar
Apr. 11   Spring Term evaluations due for 21-hour students
Apr. 16   Last Day of Field Instruction for 21-hour students
May 24-26

Memorial Day Holiday (No Field Instruction; University Closed)
June 27
Spring Term evaluations due for 14-hour students
July 4

Independence Day (No Field Instruction; University Closed)
July 18

Last Day of Field Instruction for 14-hour students

The only official "breaks" from field are outlined above.  Students are expected to be in their field placements at all other times during the academic year and must complete at least 600 hours of fieldwork. Under no circumstances are students allowed to finish field before the end of scheduled courses.  Students are allowed 3 days of absences from field placement which do not have to be made up.  All other absences from placement due to agency closings or any other reason must be made up.

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