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Masters Degree in Social Work


At Fordham University's nationally ranked Graduate School of Social Service (GSS), we have been creating compassionate, effective social workers since 1916.  Our insightful curriculum, hands-on field instruction, world-class faculty and diverse student body uniquely prepare our M.S.W. students to have a positive impact on the lives of others.  GSS graduates are able to step into exciting, rewarding careers serving clients in clinical settings, in leadership and macropractice and conducting research.


Our M.S.W. curriculum integrates classes on social work theory with hands-on field instruction, where the theory is put into practice.  It is a combination that empowers our graduates to effectively improve the lives of the individuals, families and communities they work with.

Our flexible program is designed to help students reach their professional goals while accomodating outside responsibilities.  We offer full-time and part-time plans of study, and classes meet only once a week on weekdays, Saturdays or evenings.

Our dedicated faculty also creates a stimulating environment where students can learn and grow.  Each student is assigned a supportive faculty adviser who is available to discuss all academic and practical concerns.

Lastly, our M.S.W. students are members of a passionate and engaged community.  They can participate in a rich selection of conferences, lectures and events, a student congress and diverse student groups, where energized colleagues exchange ideas, learn from one another and network.

The Graduate School of Social Service is an exciting place to earn your master of social work degree and prepare you for a rewarding career as an agent of change.

Learn more about our program on our M.S.W. Program Description page and find out how to apply.


Prospective M.S.W. students should take a look at our Program Description page and contact the office of Admissions at or (212) 636-6600 to discuss how our program can help you reach your goals.


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