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Fordham London Summer Study 2014

This past summer for the third year GSS offered a summer program in London at Heythrop College, a Jesuit College affiliated with Fordham University.  Each year more students attend, and this year was the most well attended (35 students from GSS, 2 from Columbia University, and one GSS alum).

It is a three-week intensive classroom experience with time for visits to social service agencies, other universities, and even an English high court hearing.  The highlight of this summer's program was a Human Rights Day held at the University of London in Bloomsbury, with speakers from Fordham, the University of London, and an agency in the south of England.


"It was truly the experience of a lifetime! I think overall the London Program was a great success.  The professors infused international content in their classes, which made them very relevant to take in London.  Offering the opportunity for students to learn in another country was important, particularly in a field like social work, where it is important to understand various issues from different perpectives."

"The Human Rights Conference was great!  I loved having an opportunity to come together and dialogue with the policy class and London students as well."

"The passion of the professors was contagious, and their knowledge of human rights issues was extensive."

"I am grateful to have such an incredible opportunity."


Contact Dean Sandy Turner at or (212) 636-6612 at Lincoln Center or Dean Janna Heyman at or (914) 367-3030 at Westchester. 

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