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M.S.W. Student Life

Our diverse M.S.W. student body forms a passionate community across all the campuses of the Graduate School of Social Service.  We offer many opportunities to engage with your fellow students, faculty and administrators, exchange ideas and become an agent of change in your own life.


Members of GSS - administrators, faculty members and students - have a right to participate in decisions that affect the school community.  Joining the Student Congress is one of the key ways you can collaborate in the school's administration.

The Congress also offers you an opportunity to network with other students.  Sharing ideas and solving community problems enriches your social work education.

The Lincoln Center and Westchester campuses each have their own Student Congress.  Meetings begin in September and are held throughout the academic year. 

For more information email or one of the contacts below.

  • Faculty Advisor
Laura Wernick
  • Social Work Program Chair
Diandra Cano
  • Social Work Program Co-Chair
Jamie Fialkoff
  • Communications Chair
Jenna Fabrizio
  • Media Chair
Vanessa Bedell
  • Social Chair
Carolyn O'Neal
  • Regulations Chair
Rachel Kaplan
  • Committee Chair
Tabatha Ferrer


Every year, the Student Congress chooses students to participate on a curriculum committee.  The group evaluates and helps develop the curriculum for the M.S.W. program.  Being part of the committee allows you to make important contributions to the future of the social work profession.


GSS and Fordham University are home to a diverse range of student groups, including:

  • 21st Century SocialJustice Journal
Zach Alti      

  • Alliance ofAsian Social Work Students
Annan Liu

  • The Black Social Work Student Association
Simone Sivera
Kristal Findley

  • Global Social Work Student Association
Kara Sprague
Nazli Boroshan

  • Institute for Women & Girls Student Group
Rachelle Kammer
Lauren Kojac

  • The Jewish Student Cultural Club
Avi Rosenberg
Faigy Goldstein
Ruth Reich

  • The Latino/Hispanic SW Student Group
Maria Avilez

  • The LGBT Student Group
David Koch
Kara Sprague
Christopher Ryan

  • Macro Social Work Student Group
Diandra Cano
Nadine Whint

  • The Student Mentorship Group
Allegra Hachey
Zach Alti


Students and administrators organize a fascinating series of talks all year called Learned Lunches.  Invited speakers address some of today's most critical and timely issues at our Lincoln Center and Westchester campuses. Join the discussion.  Refreshments will be served.

Learn more about the times and topics of upcoming Learned Lunch events on the Monthly Events Calendar.

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